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Itchy, Burning, Irritated Eyes? You Might Be Suffering From Dry Eyes

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Are your eyes red and constantly irritated? Do you find yourself blinking constantly to no avail? If so, you may be suffering from dry eyes, a common condition wherein the eyes may itch or burn due to the lack of tears to keep them moist. If you think you might have dry eyes, don’t worry. Treatment is easy, painless, and, in most cases, provides quick relief. But first, take a moment to understand your risks and what causes the condition. Read More»

How To Get Your Child To Wear Eyeglasses

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The verdict is in: Your child needs glasses. You may have suspected as much, since she’s been squinting and rubbing her eyes lately. Or maybe it came as a surprise, because you never saw any signs. Regardless, you expect that the next step will include your child modeling frames as she picks out the pair that is perfect for her. Unfortunately, your child might have different ideas about the whole thing. Read More»